YPO FW1026 - A UK-wide framework for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment suitable for use by Specialist Police Personnel and Firefighters. The framework covers all types of PPE to be used by The Emergency Services and Blue Light such as Firefighters clothing, boots, helmets and Police clothing such as riot helmets, cut resistance gloves and body armour. 


YPO FW1046 - This UK-wide framework is for the supply of uniforms for use by Specialist Police Personnel and Firefighters, Healthcare Professional and the Wider Public Sector. Uniform covered includes; full head to toe ensemble/man pack with optional managed service, Station wear, Corporate wear with optional managed service, Undress uniform, Workwear/workshop/garage wear, Footwear, Healthcare uniform, Insignia and name badges, Accoutrements, kit bags and accessories including leather and nylon accessories.

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ESPO 144/19 - This framework offers a range of personal protective equipment and clothing, including corporate workwear for the fire/rescue services and police.

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Blue Light Commercial Reference 1713:2018  High Visibility - police forces and blue light organisations across England and Wales, delivering innovative solutions and developing collaborative working relationships.

NUMS (National Uniform Management Service)

Managed by DHL, NUMS is a national supply chain delivering to customers (both organisations and individuals) with a consistent, and uninterrupted supply of uniform and equipment. 

NWP Footwear

North Wales Police Footwear 39148:2018 is a national framework open to all Police Forces in the UK with the scope of protective footwear including police general boots, walking boots, specialist duty boots & public order boots.