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All Yaffy Firefighting Garments


Garment Features:

  • Moisture management system
  • Reinforced elbows, shoulders and knees
  • Quick release zip
  • Perforated reflective trim
  • Action cut design
  • Detachable lining system

Texile Component Layers

Outer fabric: 75% Meta-aramide, 23% Para-aramide, 2% PA Antistatic, 195 g/m2

Moisture barrier: ATP MB1; PTFE membrane laminated to 80% Nomex®/20% Kevlar non-wowen, 125 g/m2

Thermal lining: DUFELT® WSM 3926 made of virgin aramid fibres, quilted to Nomex® Delta C, 115 g/m2

Functional Design

Action Cut Design

The back hem of jacket is lowered and back top area of the trousers is raised. This gives a greater area of interface overlap when stretching and bending.

The fire fighter's movement and activity has been seriously considered in the ergonomic development of the Bomba suit.

This can be particularly seen in the construction of the limb panels which are divided into three horizontal sections.

This allows shaping of the sleeves and legs to follow the curves and contours and reduce material at the inner bends when flexing.

BOMBA Design Features

Mannequin Test

EN 469:2005 (2014 suspended) Performance Matrix

Additional testing

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Advanced Technical Products

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