Yaffy Fire

Product development through innovation is key to Yaffy, as one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of PPE and protective clothing, nowhere in the portfolio of Yaffy products is that more apparent than in the range of Yaffy advanced firefighting apparel.

Of course, we conducted extensive field trials and rigorous laboratory testing. Before that, however, we made sure that we thoroughly understood the specific requirements of firefighting’s most valuable assets. The Firefighters themselves.

We talked to them. We listened to them. We heard what they had to say. The result is a range of advanced firefighters Tunics and Overtrousers, which provide optimum protection against Heat and Flame, acids, chemicals, viral and pathogens, as well as the elements wind and rain.

A range that features garments that are lighter, better ventilated, have moisture management, more breathable and offer improved mobility and comfort to substantially reduce the problems of heat stress.

PPE that also offers enhanced design features to give vital extra protection to the most vulnerable parts of the body.

In our business only constant is change. Which is why, at Yaffy, we’re constantly investigating and applying the very latest innovations in construction techniques, fabric technologies and membrane (Moisture barrier) developments.

Ensuring that we constantly provide the highest quality and cost – effective solutions to meet the most demanding firefighting requirements.